Thursday, July 28, 2016
C. M. Bradley Elementary School
" Learning for All, As Evidenced by Student Achievement"
School's Vision
 We should strive continually to teach children the best of what it means to be human.  Our school, like all others, is a small society which inevitably teaches values.  We do that by whatever we encourage and permit and by the examples we set.  We have no more important task than to treat our children and one another with the respect and the expectations which that idea implies.

 In building on the foundation so established, we must be unrelenting in our efforts to find better ways to teach fundamental subject matter, especially in language arts and math.  They remain the most essential disciplines in comprehending a world in which knowledge and technology are exploding.

 We must also cultivate in our students the ability to reason and to create.  We should impart those characteristics by manifesting them in everything we do with and for the children we serve.  When those qualities are informed by conscience, they are our best hope for preserving a free society and making a better world.

 Finally, we must focus everything we do on enlarging our students' sense of responsibility for the world they inhabit.  We must help them learn how to live in harmony with one another and with their environment.


Mission  Statement
The mission of the Fauquier County Public Schools is to cultivate the ability, intellect, and character of each student to ensure an educated citizenry.
To contact the School
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C.M. Bradley Elementary School
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